Can I chat with friends in Tunnel Town?

Tunnel Town does not include any chat functionality, but if you link your game to Facebook, you will be able to share the game with friends, invite them to visit your burrow, send them bunny birth announcements, and more. 

Tap the Buddy List button on the main game screen to visit your friends’ burrows or send them daily Star gifts.  You will get 1 free Star to share with a friend every 24 hours, so you don’t even have to use your own Stars to spread some happiness!  

You can also visit random burrows to see what other diggers have done with their designs.  Maybe you’ll pick up some new decorating ideas! 

The Buddy List button will only offer these features if your burrow is connected to Facebook or Gamecenter.  For help in finding Facebook and Game Center friends, read this article.

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