I lost everything!

If your whole burrow has disappeared, check to see if your device is set to use the same Facebook or Game Center account which was linked to your burrow. To load a saved burrow, once you have verified that you are logged into the correct Facebook or Game Center account, tap the settings icon at the bottom right of your screen, then tap "switch user". Once the Tunnel Town home screen loads, you will see a list of players come up. If you do not see the burrow you are looking for on this list, tap the "load player" button with the Facebook icon. This will load both Facebook linked burrows as well as Game Center linked burrows. Tap the correct icon, either Facebook or Game Center. A pop up will appear showing the Facebook or Game Center account logged into on the device, if this is linked with a Tunnel Town burrow. If the correct account is shown, tap "yes" when it asks "Load this burrow?". The saved burrow will then load.

If you've followed these instructions and still cannot get your burrow to load, we will do our best to help you! Send us a message from the Feedback page and tell us about the problem. You can also contact us from right within the app itself. This is the best option since it gives our developers valuable information about your account. To send feedback from the app, tap the settings icon on the bottom right side of your screen, the icon looks like a cog. Then tap "send feedback" and fill out the form.  When you write to us, please include the following information:

  • Your Facebook or Game Center username (very important!)
  • A detailed description of what happened (also important!)
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