How do I make a new burrow or start over?

When you launch Tunnel Town for the first time, you will come to a screen that says "Welcome to Tunnel Town" and below will be a box that says "Tap To Enter Name". If you tap this box, you can create a new burrow by entering a burrow name of your choice, then tapping play. You will then be taken through a tutorial, showing you how to do all the tasks in the game, including making tunnels and rooms, adding furniture,decorating, making new baby bunnies, and all sorts of other bunny things.

You can make a new player and new burrow at any time by tapping the settings icon in the lower right side of the screen, then tap "switch players" you will be taken to a screen showing all burrows linked to the device you are playing on. To make a new player, simply tap the "new player" icon and enter a burrow name of your choice, then tap "create"and a brand new burrow will load, starting from the beginning so you can make it your very own.

To find out how to link your new burrow to Facebook or Game Center, click here.

Note: Game Center is for Apple devices only.

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