How to feed your bunny

Feeding your bunnies will restore the energy they spend digging and mining Gems.  It will also cause them to grow and level up, enabling them to work faster and store more energy.  Food can be grown in the garden plots on the surface level of your burrow, or purchased at McFluffin’s Market.  

To feed your bunnies, tap on the food icon in the top right corner of the game screen.  Use your finger to choose a food item, then hold and drag the food item from the menu to your bunny.  They know when dinner is served; they will take the food from your hand and make short work of it!  

Tip:  It’s easier to feed individual bunnies by separating them from their friends and zooming in on them.  Pinch to zoom the screen in and out, and you’ll be able to get close enough to your bunnies to ensure they eat all their dinner!


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