How to recharge your bunny's energy

If your bunnies have run out of energy, don’t worry: there are a few ways to charge them back up!

Bunnies will recover energy slowly over time if left idle, or you can recharge them instantly by feeding them food that you grow in your garden or purchase at McFluffin’s Market.   

If you place a bunny on an “activity item” such as a trampoline or bathtub, it will not gain or lose any energy while engaged in the activity.  However, if you place your bunny on “resting furniture” such as a chair or bed, its energy will recharge over time more quickly than if simply left idle on the ground.  When your bunnies are relaxing on furniture that recharges them, you will see a small lightning bolt icon above their heads.  This will let you know that they are recovering the energy they will need to dig tunnels and mine Gems.  

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