How to get more stars and gems.

We’re happy to let you know there are many ways to get more stars and gems to use in Tunnel Town!

How to get more stars:

- Earn Stars by completing certain Goals (tap the circular icon with the clipboard on it in the game)

- Level up! Each time you reach a new level, you will receive bonus stars.

- Receive Stars as gifts from your friends. You must be linked to Facebook or Game Center (Apple users only) in order to give and receive stars with friends. For more information about how to link with Facebook and Game Center, read this article.

-Watch in-app ads. Just click the "free stars" icon at the top of your screen, then tap yes to watch. You will be awarded 1 star after you've watched the ad!

- Link your burrow with Facebook.

- "Like" us on Facebook, this can be done by tapping the "buddy list" icon on the left side of the screen and tapping the "like us" icon at the bottom of the "social" pop-up.

-Each time you hatch a new bunny for the first time, you will receive some stars for hatching that type of bunny. Each bunny is worth a different amount, the more rare the bunny, the more stars you'll get for hatching it!

- Stars are also available for purchase. Visit McFluffin’s Market and select the Stars & Gems icon.

How to get more gems:

- You can place your bunnies on Gem Digs and have them mine them for you!

- You can complete the Goals accessed through the clipboard icon on the game screen.

- You can sell crops, furniture, bunnies and other items to McFluffin’s Market. For information about how to sell crops, furniture, bunnies & other items, read this article.

- You can redecorate or take down wall coverings and flooring to get the gems back that you spent to decorate. For information about removing decorations, read this article.

- Gems are also available for purchase. Visit McFluffin’s Market and select the Stars & Gems icon.


Please note that purchasing Stars and Gems costs real money, and the appropriate payment information must be set up on your device in order for you to make in-app purchases through the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

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