How much energy do my bunnies get from furniture?

Different resting items give different amounts of energy when a bunny is resting on them. Not all furniture items have the ability to give your bunnies energy. Some items, like the trampoline, for example, is just a fun activity, but doesn't give any energy or take energy away from your bunnies.

To know if an item you have in your burrow gives energy, place a bunny on that item. If it is an item that gives energy to a bunny resting on it, you will see a little lightening bolt symbol above their head. To find out exactly how much energy your bunnies are getting while sitting on a particular item, touch the item while a bunny is resting on this item. You will see a pop-up that gives you information about how much energy a bunny will get per hour of resting time.

Say you have a bunny or bunnies resting on a beanbag, if you touch the bean bag and it will display the bunny or bunny's names along with how much energy they currently have as well as the amount of energy the item is giving your bunny or bunnies per hour. For example, the beanbag might display an energy level of 3.0/hr, with a little lightening bolt icon next to it, you'll see this on the bottom right side of the pop-up. This would mean the beanbag gives bunnies 3 energy points for every hour they rest on it. If you are using the beanbag, it would take 10 hours to get a level 3 bunny from no energy to full energy

Each "recharging" item will give a different level of recharging, also, some hold one bunny at a time to recharge and some items hold and recharge multiple bunnies at the same time.

You can also tell if an item is one that gives energy, or recharges your bunnies before you ever purchase it! While in McFluffin's Market, that item will have a lightening bolt icon displayed next to the picture of the item for sale. You will not however see how much energy a particular item gives until you have purchased it, placed it in your burrow on placed a bunny on it. The amount of energy that recharging items give ranges from 1/2 of an energy point per hour to 7.5 energy points per hour.

Keep in mind that recharging bunnies on an item that give them energy will only fill them up on energy. They will not get any experience or "XP" points while resting. The fastest way to recharge you bunnies is to feed them, this also gives them XP points as well, so they can level up!

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