How to place and remove furniture items.

To place furniture items in your burrow, first tap the Decoration icon.  This is the square icon on the right side of the game screen with a picture of a carpet, wallpaper and pot on it.  Now tap ‘Furniture’ in the menu box that appears, and you will see any furniture items you’ve purchased in a scrolling bar across the top of the screen (if this bar is empty, you’ll need to purchase furniture in McFluffin’s Market before you can place it in your burrow).  Drag any item from this menu down into your burrow to place it.  As long as your finger is on the item, you will be able to move it around.  

To reposition an item in your burrow, tap it once.  A menu will appear with buttons enabling you to sell the item or return it to your inventory.  This menu will also contain a slider that adjusts the placement angle of the item.  Move the button on the slider to position your item just the way you want it.  

To move an item you’ve already placed, touch the item and hold your finger on it until it appears to “float.”  By keeping your finger on the screen, you can slide the item around your burrow until you find the perfect spot for it.



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