How do I hatch a certain bunny?

How to get a certain breed of bunny, this is a conversation that generations of bunny breeders have debated throughout the span of recorded history.  Discovering the rabbit combinations most likely to produce particular rare breeds is often more art than science.  Our recommendation, then, is that you talk to fellow breeding artists.  Our Facebook page is a great way to meet other Tunnel Town players and exchange tips. We even add tips of our own there when we come across them.  We also have a user created Wikia page that you might enjoy.

A few guidelines to get you started:  pay attention to the song you choose for breeding, as it affects the outcome.  You can place different combinations of bunnies on the dance floor and see if the breed you’re pursuing is among the possible offspring. Also, try reversing the positions of the dancers on the dance floor -- you might discover new breeds that way!

Many of the bunnies in Tunnel Town are meant to be rare, so it will be harder to get those bunnies, sometimes it may take many, many tries to get the bunny you are waiting for. Seasonal bunnies are often harder to breed as well, due to their rare nature.

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