How to change the color of furniture items.

Many of the items in McFluffin's Market are available in a variety of colors.

If you'd like to change the color of the item you are purchasing, go to McFluffin's Market, find the item you are looking for, tap to open, then tap the rainbow icon to scroll through the available colors for this item. You will have to tap the icon multiple times to get all the way through the available colors. Once you find the color you're looking for tap the icon with the price to purchase the item in the color you've selected.

- If there is no rainbow icon, that item is only available in one color.

- Furniture colors cannot be changed once they are already purchased.

- Most goals do not specify the color you must use to complete the goal, the picture shown for the goal is generic and the goal can be completed using any color item available, unless otherwise specified.

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