How do I switch players?

You can easily switch players & burrows in Tunnel Town by following these directions:

1. Tap the settings icon on the bottom right side of your screen while in Tunnel Town.

2. Tap the Switch Player button. You will then be taken to the main loading screen for Tunnel Town where you will see a list of the accounts linked with your device. If the account you are looking for appears on this list, tap the "play" button next to the correct account.

3. If you do not see the account you are looking for, tap the green "load player" button. We understand that this button only has a Facebook Icon, and this might be confusing for our players linked only with Game Center (Game Center is for Apple users only), please tap "load player" anyway and the Game Center icon will appear, as well as the Facebook icon. This is simply to let players know that we are integrated with Facebook as well as Game Center.

4. Make sure you are logged into either the Facebook account or Game Center account you are trying to switch to on your device, then choose either the Facebook or Game Center icon, depending on which one you are trying to load your saved burrow from. The account you are logged into on your device will appear and ask if you'd like to load that burrow. Select "yes" and your saved burrow will load. If this is not the correct account, close Tunnel Town and log into the correct Game Center or Facebook account and repeat the steps above.

You can now link your burrow with Facebook or Game Center, or both, if you are an Apple user. The option to link with both Facebook and Game Center gives you additional opportunities to find more friends to connect with to visit their burrows and give and receive stars! Linking with Facebook also allows you to share birth announcements to your Facebook wall when you hatch a new baby bunny, you even get stars for sharing birth announcements on Facebook!

To find out how to link your burrow with Facebook and/or Game Center read this article.

Note: Game Center is for Apple devices only.


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