Seasonal Bunnies

Seasonal Bunnies are very special and rare creatures that come and go from Tunnel Town, depending on the season or special holiday during that time.

Some of the seasonal bunnies are very picky and they don't like partners that aren't just like them. These rare bunnies are new to Tunnel Town and might be just a little shy with other types of bunnies. Some bunnies just prefer work like mining gems or digging tunnels instead of making new bunnies on the dance floor.

If you are having trouble getting the seasonal bunny you are trying for, we suggest that you keep trying different types and different levels of bunnies together. We've found that sometimes you just have to try lots of different combinations when trying to breed seasonal bunnies. You can also check out our user-created Wikia page where Tunnel Town players share their breeding tips and tricks!

Our seasonal bunnies are meant to be rare and limited, so they are only able to breed with other non-seasonal types for a short period of time. Once their season or holiday is over, seasonal bunnies can still work on mining and digging tunnels, but they will not be able to make new seasonal bunnies on the dance floor.

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